Which Cheese Is the Healthiest

I thought Id give you a little insight on all the cheeses that are out there. I get questions on which cheeses are the healthiest So I did a little research and got a bunch of numbers (listed below). Ricotta, mozzarella and feta are probably the lowest in fat and have the lowest calories.

Now there have been statements that the harder cheeses are better. What makes cheeses hard? Cheeses like cheddar cheese and parmigiana cheese have more calcium in them and less lactose, so that's why they are harder.

However, they have more sodium in them. So people that are watching their blood pressure have got to to look at the sodium on the cheese labels. The worst ones I looked at are of course, American cheese and cheddar cheese, besides brie and those kinds of cheeses. But most of the types of cheeses that most people eat, I will share a list. Here's another kind of hint - if anythings says it's made non fat milk -that's where the healthy non fat comes from, is from whatever milk it started with.

General Facts About Cheese

Chart of the amount of calories and fat in common cheeses

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