What I Have in My Garden

Photo of my garden

I was just thinking, wouldn't it be fun to show you what I'm growing in my garden? I have different "squares" of garden so if you can see down in here, I have different lettuces - bok choy and mini bok choy in the back. And two cabbage plants and they are newly planted so it will take them a little bit.

Then I've got some strawberries over here. We've got another square - and all of these are above ground, I have different kinds of lettuces, we've got rainbow chard, and the lettuce back there is the curly leaf and there's some red leaf. The big monstrosity sitting in the middle is a leftover tomato plant from fall and I was gonna pull it out, but it has reared back up again and it looks the way it does because its a leftover. I was going to pull it out but my husband said that it's blooming its flowers and now we are getting a couple of tomatoes on it. So that's my garden!

This post was written last Fall, I created a new video showing what I have growing in my Spring Garden at this link.

Do you garden? Please let me know!

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