Thoughts About Diabetes

The number one things about diabetes is that it never stops!  Although it’s great to look at the bright side and remain positive, sometimes we just need to vent our frustrations. Voicing our challenges lets others know they are not alone.

Women testing her blood sugar - diabetes can be frustrating

If someone asked you what you hated the most about diabetes, what would be your answer?

I recently asked some women diabetics this question, because I wanted to know, and I wanted to see if they thought like me and they nailed it!! Here are some of their answers.

“I have always seen diabetes as trying to balance a book on the tip of a pencil. A constant struggle and effect. Sometimes I would like a break from the constant work of balancing.”

“Sometimes having to test my blood sugar 2-3x to get enough blood for the strip, not to mention the callouses on my fingers. Thinking about food pretty much all the time. My mind reminding me that I’ve eaten too many carbs.”

“The difficulty in loosing weight with diabetes, always having to figure it out, why things are happening and what to do about it. No one else really understanding our day to day except those that have it. Always having to worry about what I eat and how if affects my blood sugar. Always having devices attached to me with alarms going off. And always having to have a BIG PURSE to fit all of the stuff in just to keep me alive!!!”

“I hate that I can’t ever take a day off from dealing with all of it.”

“How much it costs, financially and emotionally.”

“Hate all of it. My numbers are different with exercise, my food, stress level, etc and that’s just in one day. I try to be patient and practice self-compassion when that happens to me.”

And finally:

“Diabetes is like a walk in the park…….. Jurassic Park!!!!!”

It’s ok to have a “I hate diabetes” day. The more important thing is though, to not let those negative emotions go on for too long without getting support. Make sure you are keeping up with your medical care and connect with a Diabetic Educator for everyday lifestyle support. 

What's your biggest frustration? Please share in the comments below!

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