The Ups and Downs of Exercising as a Diabetic

Ok, I'm going to tell the truth here. I wouldn't exercise if I didn't have to for health reasons. I envy the people that evidently LOVE to exercise, you know the ones. They come into the office saying, "Ugh, I feel horrible since I haven't run in two days." Yeah, right. I just feel guilty, not physically horrible.

For us diabetics, it isn't as easy as just deciding to exercise and then go and do it. You have to ask yourself: What is my blood sugar now? Is it high enough to exercise without getting low? Is it too high and I shouldn't wait until it comes down to a reasonable level? Am I going to have to take some carbohydrate in the middle of the session? Answers to these questions can throw you off, especially with your schedule.

I can do the same activity for the same amount of time and have had similar blood sugars to start with and achieve different results. I can't stand it. Any Type 1s out there have the same problem?

Whatever happens, just be prepared. Have a quick form of carbohydrate such as glucose tabs and have plenty of water on you. Either way, we've got to keep exercising whether we like it or not.

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