How Many Steps Do You Walk Each Day?

Walking 7,000 steps a day, may help to reduce mortality risk up to 70%, based on data from more than 2,000 people, ranging in age from 38-50 years. Step counts were grouped into low (<7,000 steps/day), moderate (7,000-9,000 steps/day and high (>10,000 steps/day). The group of 7,000-9,000 steps/day had a 72% reduced risk of mortality and going over 10,000 steps a day only had a 59% lower risk of all-cause mortality.

The difference in this study compared to the cardiac study, CARDIA, is that this was all-cause mortality, not cardiac morbidity/mortality.

Bottom line: if 10,000 steps a day is way above any goal that you could achieve at this point, do yourself a favor and aim for at least 7,000 steps a day.

“Salt substitution shows clear reduction in stroke, cardiovascular evens and death.” This statement is based on the Salt Substitute and Stroke Study (SSaSS) that was conducted in 21,000 people in rural China that already had a history of stroke or high BP. These people were followed for 5 years using a salt substitute and had a 14% reduction in stroke, 13% reduction in major cardiovascular events and 12% deduction in death.

Bottom line: Most salt substitutes contain lower sodium, but higher amounts of potassium so don’t start on one before discussing with your doctor.

Source: Clinical Endocrinology News, Vol 16, No 10, October, 2021

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