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Ok, let’s face it. Most likely, you are among most people (I actually think at least 75% of us are part of this group), that don’t like exercise. The actual data is that 77% of Americans do not perform sustained physical exercise (150 min/wk of moderate intensity activity) and only 10%, exercise at an intensity that increases cardiovascular fitness.

Studies are still showing that in addition to the cardiovascular benefits, exercise continues to improve sleep, muscle strength and increased bone density. Different kinds of exercise have different physical effects and researchers are finding that briefly interrupting (<5min) prolonged sitting with standing or light walking every 30 minutes improves glucose control in sedentary people with overweight or obesity and with impaired glucose control.

Sarcopenia, the decrease in muscle as we age, starts at around the mid-40s and accelerating after age 60, ranging from 3-8% every decade.  As we age, many people develop or have worsening physical reasons for not doing aerobic exercise. They may however be able to participate in resistance training which can reduce fat mass, as the muscle fibers, both type 1 and type 2 increase. This benefit extends to decreased A1C and blood pressure; increase in muscle mass which increases daily energy expenditure and bone mass.

The reduction in fat tissue mass especially visceral fat (fat around and in organs like the liver), helps with insulin sensitivity. It has also been found that aerobic training can improve pancreatic beta-cell (cells that produce insulin) function in people with prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes.*

Source of Article: On the Cutting Edge: Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group, Vol
42/Num 2, 2021

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