Easy Ways to Waste Less

Composting-is the answer to the bits and bobs left over from meal prep.  It reduces the amount of methane released into the air from landfills, the end product helps improve soil health.  What can be composted varies depending on the method, but fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, tea leaves and coffee grounds are typical for composting.

Dairy- rivals vegetables as the most-wasted food category in the US households.  Instead of throwing your dairy when the “use by” date passes, give it a sniff.  If it smells ok, then use it up fast.

Freezing- is one way to reduce food waste at home.  Keep a running list of what’s in there and the date you froze it on a dry-erose board or piece of paper or make an electronic list.  Refer to this list when planning meals so you avoid any food getting freezer burn.

Herbs wilt quickly in the fridge, so turn the rest of the bunch-including stems into all-purpose green sauces like pesto or salsa verde or puree them with a bit of oi and freeze in ice cube trays to give an instant hit of flavor in rice, soups and sauces.

Kitchen-cleanup produces a lot of waste too.  For instance paper towels help to take up 12% of landfill space along with other paper products.  Paper towels can be composted as long as there isn’t anything not edible on them.

Source: Eating Well Magazine, April 2022

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