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As a type 1 diabetic dietitian in Austin TX, I understand the challenges that comes with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living with diabetes. I have experienced all of the same issues that you may be experiencing now. I also know how important it is to maintain a support system and have someone that can counsel you and help you make the best decisions for your health - someone who gets you.

Whether your specific goal is weight management, management of gastro-intestinal symptoms, or help with pump therapy, I've got you covered. Sessions are virtual so you can avoid the stress of traffic or being too tired to travel. Instead feel secure knowing that you'll get personal and customized help from an experienced dietitian from the comfort of your home.


My Favorite Memories About Life In Austin Texas

My mother was born and raised here in central Austin and graduated from Austin High the last year it was the only high school in Austin, which is now the ACC campus on Rio Grande. My mom and dad met and graduated at the University of Texas at Austin as I did.

I spent many weekends, holidays and summers here in Austin. I lived in south Texas (Floresville) and would come up here to stay with my Mimi and Grandpa.

Many of the landmarks that I have fond memories of are no longer around. For instance, I had my first date with my now husband at Shady Grove. There are many places that now no longer exist.

One landmark that will never go away is our awesome and gorgeous capital. I've been to it at many times in my life, but the last few were after it was renovated and wow, what a place to look and learn. We toured it one time with my in-laws and at the end after seeing a painting with a lot of Texas history on it, she said, “now I understand why ya’ll are so proud.”

I thought that was the best compliment any native born Texan could receive.

My husband is from Ohio and went to the University of Cincinnati for his electrical engineering degree. At the time that we met here in Austin, I worked in Houston at the Kidney and Pancreas Center of Hermann Hospital. He worked with my cousin at AMD and he and his wife introduced us.  The rest is history!

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