Diabetic Insulin Pump Challenges

Have you had challenges or struggles with your Diabetic Pump?  As many of you know, especially those who follow me, that I am a diabetic insulin pump wearer. I have worn a pump for the last 32 years from the same company. I am about to change pumps and I can tell you that I am scared to death!  I feel like I am going to be starting from scratch. It's just hard to think about!  Most of what I do now is mostly automatic, if not fully automatic. It's going to be strange to have to look up everything I do in an instruction manual.

I have had the current version of my pump for two and a half years. When it came on the market, I knew that I would have to give up some control as the device learned how my body works. Unfortunately, even clinicians say that this process can be a let down. I believe that the company released this product out to the public before it was ready to be used.

Why Am I Switching Pumps?

Where other pumps don't need calibration, this one needs calibration after twelve hours. Now, while that is less than not using a CGM (constant glucose meter), it is still more than advertised. Every time I would calibrate, it would require another BG reading. (Who know's why.)

The biggest frustration with diabetes that I have is that if your BG stays constant for a long while (for example at night) and my Blood Glucose was 90-120 mg/dl for +4 hours, it would beep needing another BG reading. I don't understand why this would happen. It has been super frustrating so I decided to switch companies. For personal and business reasons, I choose not to publicly share the name of the company I’m referring to,

Please reach out if you are having challenges with your pump. If you have any questions, concerns, or need guidance, I'll be able to help you with common questions related to:

  • when do you need an insulin pump?
  • types of insulin pumps
  • insulin pump prices
  • insulin pump insertion

I encourage you to request an appointment through my contact form.  As a Diabetic Educator and Dietitian, it's my passion to help people navigate and thrive in this world as a diabetic.

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