COVID Increases Diabetes Risk a Year Later

Ok, ya’ll know I have reported on this subject before, but now more studies are confirming the same thing….. that having had COVID increases your risk of getting diabetes of any kind by 40% a year after contracting it.

This becomes very important especially if you are already at risk, such as having a family member with diabetes or a family history of having diabetes. Eric Topol MD, of Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California states “the researchers found a 40% increase n diabetes that wasn’t present at 1 month after COVID-19 but at 1 year, it was. Some kind of late manifestation is happening here.”

Even though the causal relationship is unknown, it’s most likely due to the inflammation that COVID-19 provokes in the body leads to disease. COVID-19 significantly elevated the diabetes risk by 59% for people with BMI in the normal range (>18.5-25kg/m2) and by 38% among those with the lowest diabetes risk score quartile (normal BMI and no family history).

What this means for anyone who has had COVID-19 and especially for those who have diabetes risk factors, please get your primary physician to test for diabetes annually.

Source: Clinical Endocrinology News, Vol. 17. No 4. April 2022

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