Convenient Staples to Have in Your Kitchen


Here are some convenient “every day” staples to have on hand

Cooked Chicken Breast

These can be bought cheaper in the family pack. Bake them in foil, they will be more tender.

Hard-boiled eggs

Another staple protein. These actually would be good on salads with other proteins or for lunch as egg salad sandwiches.


If you cook slow cook oatmeal, you can cook several days worth in one swipe! You can then add fruit or any flavoring you want.

Ground beef/turkey

This can be very versatile to use in such things as salads, veggies ‘n sauce, soups, stir-fries. Both proteins need to be lean at 96% and 93% lean respectively.

Spaghetti squash

Pasta swap! This vegetable is free as far as carbohydrate is concerned. There are many recipes on-line nowadays!!

Raw vegetables

Cut up many at one time such as yellow, red, and orange peppers, and also sliced cucumbers. Then you only have to pull out the cutting board once!

Frozen fruit

These are not less nutritious than fruit in the produce department. Check the ingredients to make sure that sugar hasn’t been added.

Portion-Controlled Desserts

Skinny Cow Ice cream bars, Enlightened Ice Cream Bars, Mad Minis Ice Cream Sandwiches

What are you every day stapes? I’d love to hear!

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