Women walking 1000 steps a day

How Many Steps Do You Walk Each Day?

Walking 7,000 steps a day, may help to reduce mortality risk up to 70%, based on data from more than 2,000 people, ranging in age…

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exercise benefits - cardio, man jumping rope

General Thoughts About Exercise

Ok, let’s face it. Most likely, you are among most people (I actually think at least 75% of us are part of this group), that…

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Women ready for exercise and tying her shoelaces - Weight loss myths

Weight Loss Myths

There’s a lot of truths and myths about weight loss. Diet and weight are one of those topics that never lose steam. Fad diets come…

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How Diabetics Can Control Snacking

“Snack Attack” Snacking sometimes contributes about 580 calories a day or 25% of total calories, which leads to obesity. Some people snack between meals and…

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