Covid 19 studies show vitamin d has an effect - woman laying in sun

Update on Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID

We need more vitamin D in our diet¬† as indicated by the following, taken from an article from American Journal of Clinical Pathology. Vitamin D…

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Photo of covid19 mask - studies show vitamin d reduces the severity

Does Vitamin D Reduce the Severity of Covid-19?

Some Studies Show Vitamin D May Reduce the Severity of COVID-19 Some studies have shown that Vitamin D may have a role in reducing the…

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photo of vitamins - covid 19 and vitamin d

Vitamin D and COVID19

Video Transcription: Hi, I’m Elizabeth Hanawalt, a Diabetes Educator and I wanted to touch on this topic of Vitamin D and Covid-19. Now this applies…

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Girl exercising during covid 19.

Exercise During COVID-19

Strengthen Immunity During the Pandemic The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends 150-300 minutes per week of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity and 2 sessions…

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