Diabetic educator in austin, texas.

Diabetes Educator in Austin, TX

Diabetes is a serious health condition that affects millions of people around the world. Diabetes can cause a wide range of complications, including heart disease,…

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traveling as a diabetic

Traveling as a Diabetic

Today I want to talk about traveling with diabetes and the ins and outs of safely getting to where you are going with all of…

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Technology Ruling Your Day?

Today I am sharing an unusual video. Because as you can see, I’m not dressed to be presentable because I just got off the bike.…

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Be An Advocate For Yourself

Hi, this is Elizabeth Hanawalt, and I am not doing an educational video today. I am doing kind of a venting, from a diabetic’s point…

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Video - What to ask a dietitian before working with them

What To Ask A Dietitian Before Working With Them

What Do You Ask ask a dietitian when you meet them for the first time? There are several things to ask and ill give you…

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My spring garden

Spring Garden

Spring is here and I’ve been spending time on my garden and decided to record a short video to show what I have growing. My…

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What I Have in My Garden

I was just thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to show you what I’m growing in my garden? I have different “squares” of garden so if…

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Elizabeth Hanawalt, Austin Texas dietitian and nutritionist.

Austin, Texas Nutritionist

I am happy to share that I’ve started a YouTube channel and will be sharing videos on a regular basis because I want to help…

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Covid 19 corona virus

Living in Troubled Times

Even though I have lived with DM1 for approximately 53 years, this is the first time that I have been troubled because I am in…

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And Life Goes On

I just can’t believe that in the last 51 years, I’ve never taken a “diabetes vacation.” I have many patients who have had insulin pumps…

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