Blood Sugar

Women testing her blood sugar - diabetes can be frustrating

Thoughts About Diabetes

The number one things about diabetes is that it never stops!  Although it’s great to look at the bright side and remain positive, sometimes we…

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Photo of diabetic insulin pump

Diabetic Insulin Pump Challenges

Have you had challenges or struggles with your Diabetic Pump?  As many of you know, especially those who follow me, that I am a diabetic…

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Diabetes burnout and what it is.

Diabetes Burnout

Is Diabetes Burnout a Thing? Hello, this is Elizabeth, Hanawalt, and this day’s video is gonna be a little longer than normal. And I want…

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What do I eat in a day as a type 1 diabetic

What Do I Eat in a Day as a Type 1 Diabetic

What You Eat Depends on Your Blood Sugars Hi, I’m Elizabeth Hannah Walton. I’m a diabetes educator as well as being diabetic. And I’ve had…

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Elizabeth discussing about types of diets

Types of Dieting – Intermittent Fasting

Video Transcription: Hi, this is Elizabeth Hanawalt. And I am a diabetes educator in Austin, Texas. And I thought I would cover today a little…

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Blood sugar display on tester

What Does Low Blood Sugar Feel like

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Hanawalt, and I am a certified diabetes educator and a dietitian by trade. So I thought this morning that I would do…

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