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Stomach flue and diabetes

Stomach Flu and Diabetes

September 14, 2022

This is a cautionary tale and its not to educate on any big topic, but I got the stomach flu yesterday! It just made…

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Understanding fiber on a nutrition label

Interpreting Fiber On a Nutrition Label

August 23, 2022

I want to bring up the fact of how fiber affects diabetes and what it looks like a label.  So today’s labels all look…

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5 100-Calorie Snacks You’ll Want to Make this Fall

August 15, 2022

It’s not too soon to start thinking about Fall and the many delicious snacks that seem to taste better when the weather cools off.…

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Prediabetes Linked to Heart Attack

Prediabetes Linked to Heart Attack

August 1, 2022

Prediabetes is not only a precursor of diabetes, but it is also a risk factor by itself for myocardial infarction (MI).   A myocardial…

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Non Alcoholic Liver Disease

July 17, 2022

In this video I talk about NALD. I told you and warned you all about this before and so I’ve drawn it out on…

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Healthy Classic Potato Salad

July 12, 2022

This is a fun holiday recipe, perfect in the summer! I usually make this on the 4th of July: Perfect Potato Salad Creamy dressing,…

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Screening For Diabetes At Normal BMI’s Could Cut Racial Disparities

July 11, 2022

In August 2021, the US Preventive Services Task Force lowered the recommended age for Type 2 Diabetes screening from 40 to 35 years among…

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Video discussing link between sleep deprivation and belly fat.

The Link Between Sleep Deprivation and Belly Fat

May 31, 2022

This is Elizabeth Hanawalt and I’m coming to you with another research study result that I thought you should know about. This was conducted…

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Affordable Insulin Now Act

May 6, 2022

Hey guys, it’s Elizabeth Hanawalt. And I’m coming to you all again to do a report. This is a legislative report, so I think…

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COVID Increases Diabetes Risk a Year Later

April 27, 2022

Ok, ya’ll know I have reported on this subject before, but now more studies are confirming the same thing….. that having had COVID increases…

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Easy Ways to Waste Less

April 12, 2022

Composting-is the answer to the bits and bobs left over from meal prep.  It reduces the amount of methane released into the air from…

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Spring/Summer Garden Updates!

March 28, 2022

This is Elizabeth Hanawalt, and I thought I will show y’all the spring/summer garden in my new video. So we have three different types…

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