Be An Advocate For Yourself

Hi, this is Elizabeth Hanawalt, and I am not doing an educational video today. I am doing kind of a venting, from a diabetic’s point of view. Every diabetic comes into a situation where you have to deal with insurance, you have to deal with DMEs, which are Durable Medical Equipment. So those of us that have pumps, normally you have to go through DME and not your pharmacy part of your plan. 

Recently in the last 6 months, our insurance has changed twice. Which means two different insurance companies, two different second parties where you get your 90 day prescription supply, and now another DME. You gotta be an advocate for yourself. 

So.. in the change, I ran out of supplies, and couldn’t get them. It took everything to be calling, standing, sitting on the phone for two hours trying to advocate for myself to get my supplies. 

Finally got them yesterday, but I had to advocate for myself by having to get supplies from my endocrinologist. Now this is just venting like I told you, but you have to be an advocate for yourself is what I’m going for here. And if you don’t, nobody else is going to. So this is just kind of a little FYI video for y’all to know 

  1. You’re not alone in fighting this and 
  2. You’re gonna have to fight it. 

How are you advocating for yourself as a diabetic? Reach out and send me a message, I'd love to hear!

Ready to find out more?

As a Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist I help my patients cope with managing their diabetes - whether it's diet, nutrition, supplements, blood sugar, or pump therapy.

Please reach out and contact me if you need support, I truly understand. I live it every day. 

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