Are Avocados A Good Food To Include in Your Diet

Avocados Do Not Cause Weight Gain

Hi, this is Elizabeth Hanawalt and I'm coming to you after I read an interesting study last night about avocados. Most of you know how healthy avocados are because they're rich in fiber and good, healthy, mild in saturated fat.

This study is talking about having two groups; one group that had an avocado every day and the other group did not. And what they found out was that there was no weight gain on either group, so having the extra fat from the avocado doesn't affect weight gain. That's a really good thing.

But the other thing is it slightly decreases cholesterol, which is LDL cholesterol. So the biggest takeaway from this is that your body will have a better quality of diet, not so much of a diet that takes away things and leaves you not satiated. That's the ability that avocados have, is that lab wise they don't negatively affect anything.

While your body might be losing weight or trying to control blood sugars, that's a good fat to have. It's just another study that backs up the fact that avocados are a good thing to include in your diet!

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